In Conversation with National Masters James Black and Joshua Colas!

Both becoming National Masters before the age of 13, James Black and Joshua Colas are nothing short of being chess prodigies. In October 2014, these chess whizzes came to the Cleveland Scholastic Open to participate in the tournament and to inspire everyone to further pursue chess. Prior to the tournament, we asked James (JB) and […]

In Conversation with Tony Dunlap!

Today the chess program in Solon, Ohio is undeniably the best in Ohio and one of the best in the nation. Indeed— in the past 3 years the Solon middle and high school teams have collectively won three team state championships and numerous grade level state championships. These victories have been the result of the […]

Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s 8th Annual Youth Summit: Recap

The Mayor of Cleveland holds a Youth Summit every year to help families in Cleveland prepare to send their children back to school, promote the benefits of an education, and provide many resources that help foster a love of learning. Last Saturday we were able to promote chess at our booth by interacting with students […]