ACES: Weeks 12, 13, and 14

Week 12: We went over notation once again to make sure the children knew what to write down when various chess moves were made. It was apparent that, even after only having been taught how to take chess notation last week, the children were much more proficient in their abilities to accurately document the moves in a chess game. During the latter half of our session, we let the children play chess games with one another while they simultaneously took notation. This was a great way to help them put into practice what we taught them.

Week 13: For the entirety of the time, we let the children play a chess game against one another while having them take chess notation. We circulated around the area and made sure to address any questions the children had!

Week 14: This was our last week at Carnegie for the school year. To cap off a great year, we let the children play chess games with one other while facilitating their games in the event of questions or if we had suggestions for better moves they could make.

All of us really enjoyed teaching these great children at Carnegie—stay tuned for a reflection post on our experience!

We were recently featured in the Chicago Maroon! Check out the article they wrote about how we’re making a difference at Andrew Carnegie Elementary School here.