ACES: Weeks 4 and 5

Week 4: Today, I was introduced to the chess club, which now meets on Fridays (during the time which chess occurs in the classroom). I taught the chess club by myself this week, and my friends went to 3 other classes. In the chess club, I went over the chess principles and the basics of […]

In Conversation with International Master Jeremy Silman!

From writing and playing to consulting and teaching, International Master Jeremy Silman has explored many facets of chess. He has not only authored over 35 books and numerous articles, but has also won large tournaments such as the US Open and National Open. Furthermore, Silman has coached the US Junior National Chess team and has […]

ACES: Weeks 2 and 3

Week 2: My friend and I both went to the same room today and went over the fundamentals of the chess with the kids, including how the pieces move, each piece’s value, and chess principles. One thing that we really stressed and will continue to do is the need to understand what a move achieves. Understanding […]

ACES: Week 1

Over 100 Chicago Public Schools are incorporating chess into the 2nd and 3rd grade curriculum at school to teach math, critical thinking, and a variety of other important skills. On Friday, January 23, 2015, a friend (a National Chess Expert) and I visited Andrew Carnegie Elementary School (ACES) and explored how Invest in Chess can […]

In Conversation with International Master Jack Peters!

International Master Jack Peters is currently one of the top 200 players in the USA.  Peters wrote the renowned LA Times chess column for nearly 30 years, and he is currently a professor at the University of Southern California as well as an adviser to its chess team. We spoke with Mr. Peters about his […]

In Conversation with International Master Cyrus Lakdawala!

Ranked in the top 100, International Master Cyrus Lakdawala is one of the strongest players in the USA. He is an active tournament player, a dedicated teacher and promoter of the game, and a prolific writer, having authored over 20 books. Lakdawala also has numerous accolades to his name; he is an American Open and […]

In Conversation with International Master John Donaldson!

John Donaldson is indisputably one of the most noteworthy individuals in chess in America today. An International Master of the sport, Donaldson has authored numerous works of chess literature, played in the US Chess Championship, and captained the US National Chess Team to much success in international competition; currently, he is the Director of the […]

In Conversation with National Masters James Black and Joshua Colas!

Both becoming National Masters before the age of 13, James Black and Joshua Colas are nothing short of being chess prodigies. In October 2014, these chess whizzes came to the Cleveland Scholastic Open to participate in the tournament and to inspire everyone to further pursue chess. Prior to the tournament, we asked James (JB) and […]

In Conversation with Tony Dunlap!

Today the chess program in Solon, Ohio is undeniably the best in Ohio and one of the best in the nation. Indeed— in the past 3 years the Solon middle and high school teams have collectively won three team state championships and numerous grade level state championships. These victories have been the result of the […]

In Conversation with Grandmaster Maurice Ashley!

Maurice Ashley has always been one to make history. Whether it was becoming the first African-American Grandmaster or organizing a chess tournament with the largest prize fund ever, Ashley has consistently been a trailblazer. We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Ashley about his latest business venture called the Millionaire Chess Open, his experiences […]