ACES: Weeks 10 and 11

Week 10: Yet again, we took the opportunity to let the children play chess games against one another. We thought that it was important for them to be given another chance to put into practice what they had learned and that simply playing a game of chess was a great way for the children to solidify their understanding of the concepts.

Week 11: In order to prepare these children to attend their first chess tournament, we thought it was very important for them to learn how to take chess notation, so this is what we introduced. Chess notation is important because it will help the children accurately document the moves that were played in their game so they can then analyze the game afterwards to determine which moves they could have played better. Every child had their own piece of notation paper, and today we made good use of the large demonstration board as we went over possible moves in a chess game and similarly asked the children to write down the notation for the moves we described.